Homozygous Black,
Black Hereford

Black calves with a white face traditionally fetch a premium in the market and a large portion of the New Zealand dairy herd carries the red gene. To combat this our Black Hereford is Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled with great Calving Ease.

Why Black Hereford?

Black Herefords are black cattle with whiteheads known for easy calving, good marbling meat, and quality carcasses.

This genetic solution is originally derived from crossbreeding between Herefords and Angus cattle.

Homozygous Polled?

Homozygous PP means that the particular animal won’t have any horns and the offspring from that animal will be born without horns.

Polled cattle help in avoiding dehorning and stress on animals leading to a more sustainable farming environment.

Key Benefits

Black Herefords are known for easy calving and better meat quality. The Black breeds tend to have a higher quality grade and make better profits on the market.

+ Homozygous Black
+ Homozygous Polled
+ High Quality Grade
+ Highly Profitable

+ Easy Calving
+ Easily Identified Offspring
+ Marbling Meat
+ High Quality Carcass