Breeding value-added dairy beef offspring from your dairy herd.

All of Samen NZ Beef Sires are selected to perform over your New Zealand dairy herd, breeding a more profitible solution with more sustainable outcomes.

Key Traits Drive Profitibility

A series of key traits drive the viability and profitability of using beef sires over the tail end of your herd, some traits include;

Short Gestation Lengths
Easy Calving
Growth Rates
Colour Marking
Polled Genetics
Semen Fertility

Consider which of these traits are most important to your herd when selecting a dairy beef solution for your herd.

Available Breeds

A great selections of top Dairy Beef sires are available from a range of breeds and breeding programs shown to perform over dairy herds from around the world.

Belgian Blue Bull standing in a field with a hedge behind it

Belgian Blue

The leading edge in Dairy Beef Solutions. Our carefully selected Short Gestation Belgian Blue have been breed for decades to bring more days in milk (Short Gestation) and a viable, Colour Marked, sort after beef cross animal dedicated to helping both dairy farmer and beef rearer maximize profit and remove/reduce bobby calf wastage.

Black Hereford bull standing next to a white fence

Black Hereford

Black calves with a white face traditionally fetch a premium in the market and a large portion of the New Zealand dairy herd carries the red gene. To combat this our Black Hereford is Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled with great Calving Ease.

Red Wagyu Bull standing next to fence in a dry grass paddock

Red Wagyu

Teaming up with Southern Stations Wagyu, our Red Wagyu is being offered to dairy farmers across New Zealand with lucrative dairy beef contracts. The Red Wagyu animals produce high-quality marbled meat and has been developed for the Japanese and Korean market.

Double Muscling Angus Bull standing in a green grass paddock

Double Muscling Angus

This son of leading Marbling Angus sire Temania Berkley has increased yield and Feed Efficiency that comes with the Double Muscling Gene with breed leading Gestation and Calving Ease this bull really is the secret to superior high marbling and high yielding dairy beef premiums.

Hereford Bull standing beside another bull with weeds around it


Our Hereford bull Ardo Ajax 5014 is another one of our Dairy Beef Solutions bulls that has ranked in the top 5 for the Beef & Lamb Dairy Beef trial. This bull is definitely a star for those wanting to tap into the high price Hereford calf market.

Simmental bull standing in green paddock


The bull Glenside Crumpy is an incredible Simmental that has ranked as the top Simmental in the Beef & Lamb Dairy Beef trial. With balanced Gestation and Calving Ease for the dairy farmer and growth rates for the beef farmer he can produces those grey diluted Simental cross Friesian calves that so often top the calf sales.

Blonde d'Aquitaine Bull standing in a green paddock with trees in the background

Blonde d’Aquitaine

Gexan is yet another shining star in our specialist Dairy Beef Solutions team from Europe. This Blonde d’Aquitaine boasts Calving Ease, Great Muscling and yet another Colour Marking option. The calves are sure to make an impression.

Inra bull standing behind a grey steel fence, in a green flowery grass paddock


Locus is a super Easy Calving Inra companied with Short Gestation and makes for yet another amazing bull that has been breed specifically for dairy beef.

Charolais Bull


Fortune is an outstanding bull breed in Europe especially for the Dairy Beef market. A top of his breed bull for Calving Ease boasting good Gestation with Extreme Muscle Growth and Spectacular Yield. Fortunes calves are set to make a premium over any other Charolais with his increased muscling.

Double Muscling Speckled Park Bull standing in green/dirt paddock

Double Muscling Speckled Park

Selected for his balance of Calving Ease, Gestation, Marbling and Growth Rates (Double Muscling Gene) this white Speckled Park bull will be an excellent Colour Marker enabling you to tap into the thriving calf market for Speckled Parks.

If you would like support in selecting which is right for you and your herd, get in touch with your local Samen NZ representative.

Farmer Feedback

Blue supplied by Samen NZ to tighten their calving season and are seeing amazing results. Josh explains that last year he had 80 Short Gestation Belgian Blue animals and they were coming "Consistently two and a half to three weeks early".

Josh Stainton

My calves have an extremely good name in this area, with one of the few Friesian herds in this area. The Fleckvieh are strengthening this and the Short Gestation Belgian Blue are giving me more days in milk and a highly sellable beef calf.

Cameron Shepherd

The Templers have used Samen NZ’s Short Gestation Belgian Blue for two years. On top of extra days in milk, the Belgian Blues from Samen always colour mark and look like a Belgian Blue. They are easy to rear and grow like stink. Anieka comments, “when they are ten days old, they are already filling out a lot”.

Anieka Templar