Select with Confidence

Introducing gNZI©
The Genomic New Zealand Index

Developed in cooperation with scientists from around the world the gNZI©, or Genomic New Zealand Index, is a reliable and accurate genomic prediction of NZAEL breeding worth, (BW) helping farmers select sires that will produce cows well-suited to the New Zealand dairy systems.

The gNZI is the most reliable tool for predicting the future performance of young sires’ offspring. gNZI has accurately predicted how international sires would rank once they get a daughter-proof here in New Zealand. Here are some examples of the gNZI in action:

A study outlining how gNZI is calculated has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, the Journal of Animal Production Science.

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gNZI is based on several traits that are important to New Zealand farmers, including moderate size, kg of milk solids, udders, somatic cell, body condition, fertility and survival. Enabling the industry access to high-value outcross genetics, the gNZI provides the New Zealand dairy industry with reliable predictions based on genomic data. With the gNZI dairy farmers can select with confidence and drive their herds forward.